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It’s still painful how my ex tries to manipulate our 3 dau

It’s still painful how my ex tries to manipulate our 3 daughters against me. He creates situations to try to paint me as bad and him as a victim. It hurts my heart for our daughter more than I can ever express. They don’t deserve it. He is such a huge liar. He lies to them. Not sure why I didn’t see this more clearly when I married him.
He got his mom and sister to buy him a house and now he’s got our 18 year old daughter there paying 75% of the mortgage. It’s disgusting. He told our twins I don’t reply to his text, when I’m fact he did not text me but he is the one who never ever replies to my texts.
It feels sickening being associated with him.

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Karinah's picture
Jan 14

@Lethergo2 - It is the worst. Certain depraved parents will shift their malignant power and control from you to the children. It can be hard to conceive that anyone would be willing to hurt their children like that. I feel like parents are desperate for solutions in these situations. I am. I don't need to point fingers or lay blame because that would only create another mess. I just need solutions for my child that work.

Jan 14

@Karinah Narcissists don’t have a sense of normal boundaries and unspoken boundaries. My ex had none. Rules don’t apply to him. I will never forget the smile he had on his face when our daughter was disrespectful towards me. She wasn’t allowed to do that to him but he encouraged her to treat me like crap.

Jan 14

@Injustice2011 Sorry! That’s terrible. It makes me sad.


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