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Is it normal that I want my ex narc boyfriend to message me?

Is it normal that I want my ex narc boyfriend to message me?
We broke up 3 days ago, and yesterday he texted "are you happy without me now?" And then he called just to say "good night" I felt good at that moment obviously he just wanted attention... I know he's not good for me, but, why am I missing him? :'(

girraffegirl's picture
Aug 10

Have you considered going no contact? The earlier the better because he is already hoovering you..making sure you are thinking about him. Trying to figure anything out and possibly trying to move on while you are still in contact will almost impossible.

Aug 11

It's funny how I know that I need to go no contact, but at the same time, wanting him to message me and call me. I think it's because when we were in the relationship, he barley called me and I kind of miss his calls, I guess? I don't know how I'm supposed to feel, tbh. I really want to send him a message, but I know I shouldn't. Help );

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Aug 11

You have to evict him from your head. Sure, it's hard but so was being abused. If you found your way to this site then you've obviously endured a chaotic abusive relationship where you've been criticized, gas lighted, manipulated, lied to, provoked, possibly physically and/or sexually abused. If you want to end the abuse then you must go NO Contact, period. Of course, the choice is yours but anything else keeps you in his control. NC is the ultimate closure. Block completely. As long as you respond, he gets supply and most narcs love negative supply. He'll never stop. You can. Best wishes and hugs.


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