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Is it normal that I feel like I'm being watched by my narc e

Is it normal that I feel like I'm being watched by my narc ex all the time ? We don't live in the same state, and I did format my phone, my computer, I'm no longer on social media yet I still don't feel safe even in here it's like his eyes are everywhere, is it normal ? Or am I going crazy ?

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LoveBasil's picture
Aug 14

@ughgbgbgbg Yes it's exactly what I'm feeling but couldn't put it in words lol
Mine is one hell of a stalker, he stalkes every one of his exes on facebook ,everywhere especially the ones who maintained no contact and showed me their pics, told me all about them but strangely he was always the victim, they were bad and did not understand what a loving but wounded man he is ! But yeah I guess it's the depth of the betrayl they put us through and the broken trust

Aug 14

I do believe that stalking is included in the narc hand book. Some of them can be quite creative. I had one put a GPS tracking device on my car. Kept showing up everywhere I went. Drove the car down to the local police station and left it for an hour, parked in the parking lot. That problem dissolved itself.

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Aug 14

@LoveBasil ... Yes! Even if he's not stalking you currently, they condition you at the beginning to have your thoughts & decision go through, even when they're not around, you have to worry about the reaction you'll deal with + there's outright controlling behavior. It takes a while to reset your thought peocess


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