in so much pain, need to leave my narcissistic wife, but I c

in so much pain, need to leave my narcissistic wife, but I cant

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18 hours ago

so true, thank you
getting ready to leave work, this is so hard, I am not going home

Blueberries1234's picture
13 hours ago

@badbiker111 you can do it. It's hard but it is medicine. And remember you will not help or do her any favors by staying togrther. You will just enable her behavior which is actually HARMING her. And you are also harming yourself of course. You are enabling yourself to keep on suffering and being with someone who doesnt care, it's sending a messave to yourself that you dont matter or dont deserve real love, when you do. Dont abandon yourself, dont defrade yourself. You are worthy of love true love. True connection, depth.

AngelaMay's picture
2 hours ago

@Blueberries1234 reading your post just hit the very core of my sole. Omg! Do these people read a book on how to act because they all do the same thing to us!


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