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in so much pain, need to leave my narcissistic wife, but I c

in so much pain, need to leave my narcissistic wife, but I cant

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Apr 24

Thank you for your support. I think what you said above has wisdom. We think too much about it. It's like we care too much about them and not enough about ourselves. Why? You say you're an engineer. No unintelligent or loser sort of person can become an engineer. You had your own home before your narc wife was in the picture. So somehow there was a loss of focus, from you, to her. I guess that's how we're addicted to them. We literally care more for their drama than we do for our own success, health, or life. So sad. I'm really grateful for this group. In it I can see us all breaking these patterns and moving forward to a healthier life and future.

Apr 24

me to , so glad we can chat about this

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Apr 24

@sadhusband I tried really REALLY hard to stand by my ex. He broke up with me :) I figured it out and told him he has emotional trauma that will lead him with limited ability to have empathy for others and his response was he doesnt care. He was furious. Anyways fast forward a few weeks to today and again I offered. I will write his response here, you be the judge. Thiz pretty much took away all doubt in my mind Ex-Boyfriend: "But that's life. I just need to tell myself who cares and move on. Some days I feel great, most days I don't. I'm where I am at in life because I chose to do nothing. Yes I have high anxiety with things. yes I feel like I can not do most things. But it's just another obstical that I need to learn to overcome for good. I just want to deal with it on my own for now."

Second response:
"I know what the trauma does to me. I don't know how to heal from it. I've tried to kill myself in the past because of how awful I feel inside. I run from how I feel. It catches up to me eventually though. I'm not well. And I don't want to face it. I'll have to eventually but I don't want to. I'm frustrated with everything in life. Anyway, I'm off to bed now too. My nephew is out with my brother so my dad will put him to bed since I'm ready for sleep. Goodnight. "

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