I'm very new to learning about NPD, started reading the book


I'm very new to learning about NPD, started reading the book "When your Perfect Partner Goes Perfectly Wrong" and it's like the author wrote this book about my husband. I have 4 kids, 2 from a previous marriage, and I have always stayed because I'm afraid. This relationship is 15 years running, and I literally feel like I'm going crazy. I'm constantly afraid. Afraid that my kids might say something to upset him, afraid of everything, ALL THE TIME. Worst yet? He works from home, and only leaves the house to work out every day. Feels like constant captivity. As I read the book, thoughts of putting together a plan to leave run through my head and then I think, I'm just too scared to. It's overwhelming. Can anyone relate? To tell me feeling crazy and afraid is actually, maybe normal?

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Feb 16

It sounds like you need to seriously think about making a plan to leave, true narcissists, in my experience only get worse with time.

Feb 16

@mariab44 I can so relate. I read ur other post as well. I’m with mine 17 years 2 kids also. I figured it out like u 2 years ago and no I haven’t left even though I know it’s what I must do. However, so many obstacles and I too fear what he will do to me etc. mine also “works” from home. I’m a teacher and at least do get to go to work and avoid him like the plague. So many similarities. Mine has outbursts, rage, gets mad at me for everything, calls me every name in the book and spends way too much time on his gadgets too! But I get where ur coming from? Since my awakening regarding him, I gave never looked at him the same way again. Every move he makes is so clear, now. We both need to escape and I keep waiting for the right moment but I can’t keep waiting. Like U, I have read as many books as possible but I still haven’t left. Good luck! I’m here to chat


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