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I'm very new to learning about NPD, started reading the book


I'm very new to learning about NPD, started reading the book "When your Perfect Partner Goes Perfectly Wrong" and it's like the author wrote this book about my husband. I have 4 kids, 2 from a previous marriage, and I have always stayed because I'm afraid. This relationship is 15 years running, and I literally feel like I'm going crazy. I'm constantly afraid. Afraid that my kids might say something to upset him, afraid of everything, ALL THE TIME. Worst yet? He works from home, and only leaves the house to work out every day. Feels like constant captivity. As I read the book, thoughts of putting together a plan to leave run through my head and then I think, I'm just too scared to. It's overwhelming. Can anyone relate? To tell me feeling crazy and afraid is actually, maybe normal?

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Feb 15

Yes I know exactly that's what he is doing. Trying to toy with my emotions. I am trying the one word technique. Not giving him much to feed on, but want to try walking out of the room. Lately it's been in the car or when we are out somewhere. Sneaky little narc. The more I learn about nsd... the more I know what to watch out for. For sure!!

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Feb 15

I can relate, too. Especially to the pain, fear, and denial when you realize how bad the problem is and still are not ready to leave. I can tell you that in many areas there are women's shelters that have a range of services that can help you. My town had a domestic abuse hotline, and they had free services for me even though he was not a physical "batterer" and it was "just" narcissistic emotional abuse. When I was planning how to leave and overwhelmed, they talked me through my plan calmly and reassured me and pointed out a few things I didn't think of. They helped me to take it one day at a time. They also had free counseling and support groups, and if I needed it a shelter to stay in or financial assistance to get started in a new apartment. I think the page will let you look up organizations like this in your area.

Feb 16

@Feelingstuck421 OMG mine does it in the car too. Unreal. He is so backwards (the more I read, I think he's covert vulnerable narcissist) and has so much anxiety and if he wants to bring up something new to go off on me for, it's in the car. Because I can't escape. Oh wow, I can't even believe it, I had never thought of it like that.


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