I'm spending this morning printing emails, copying pages out

I'm spending this morning printing emails, copying pages out of my phone log, making a DVD of voice recordings, and then I'm going to pick up police reports and take them to my attorney. Although we were divorced 3 years ago, my ex-narc is in contempt of court because he won't follow the judge's orders. He actually believes he doesn't have do what the judge told him to do - no one but a narcissist would believe they can overrule a judge. This is going to take months, if not a year, and more energy than I believe I have. I'm going to have to stand strong against him and I just don't know if I can do that for the long-haul. I have to do it, but right now I don't know if I can. I guess, 'one day at a time' is the motto I need to remember, but I know where he's concerned I'm used to giving in and I'm afraid I'll do that again. Even after all this time he is still tries to control me. I ask myself, 'What will it take to fight him in court? Do I have what it will take to fight him in court?' and truthfully, I just don't know. Although, logically, I know why, I can't stop myself from asking, "why can't he just be an adult and do what's right?"

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Oct 16

Thank you so much! I appreciate your words of support! They mean a lot to me!

Oct 16

@GirlKitty it stresses me out that even though ur divorced he still can control u. Sickening. I'm sad for u. Thanks for always supporting me. Hang in. I wish I could help more.

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Oct 16

@GirlKitty, you hang in there! I feel you when you ask why can't he just do what's right. I think the same thing and time and time again he proves to me that he is incapable of being... healthy. You've made it this far and that battle that may take a year will mostly be waiting time for you. You will have time to adjust and refresh, suit up for the last part. It sucks, it is not fair, but it is necessary. Sending you strength xo


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