I'm doing something about my stress and anxiety right now be

I'm doing something about my stress and anxiety right now because my family gives me anxiety and puts more stress on me by telling me to suck it up, not be a weak person, and yell at me for making mistakes, I guess.

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11 hours ago

@Foundlove You know what? F off, Found Love because you don't know what I experience everyday. What gives you the right to justify their behavior? F you!

10 hours ago

@Foundlove B, shut the f up before I say something that I will regret!!!! You don't know what it's like to be abused by a narcissistic parent!!!!! You don't know me or know how how hard this is for me!!!! Do you read my comments on here?! Do you read my comments on here!? I didn't think so!!!!! Get the f off of this site!!!!! I don't ever want to hear from you again!!!!! Stupid b!

Foundlove's picture
7 hours ago

@ShawnayWarren sorry for offending you, I never meant what they are doing is ok... it’s not ok n yes I don’t know what your going through. you have no right to tell me to F off and get off this site though this isn’t your site ... I feel like your taking my response way out of context. I was trying to be supportive


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