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I woke up crying this morning. In the last year I left a ma


I woke up crying this morning. In the last year I left a man I thought I would be with forever, left a house I thought I would live in, and sold a house I owned for 20 years. bought a temporary home that i really don't care for. I lost a few people I thought were friends, my job changed, my daughter moved further away, and I don't see my son enough. And last night, I resigned an officers post in my club that I held for the last 9 years.
Everything I have known about who I am and what I represent and what my life was for a very long time has ended or changed in the last year. It hit me last night when I turned in my keys. It is the end of an era for me. The end of a very thick chapter in my book. It made me sad. My subconscious must have been processing it all night and I woke up crying.
In the past, with the narc, if i had voiced my emotions over anything like that i would get an uncomfortable,... you'll be ok, get over it. or - you think and feel too much. or - just ignored.
Today, this morning, i told my new man about how emotional i was feeling and why - his response to me.... "it's ok to feel that way babe. Lots of things have changed for you lately. I am here if you need a shoulder, and I will be here when you start your new future. I am not going anywhere."
Well, that made me cry more - in gratitude for finally having a normal caring compassionate man in a normal caring compassionate relationship.
One big door has closed for me - and one big door is now open. There is life after the narc. I see it, and it is good.

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Oct 11

I'm glad you found someone like that. Good for you!

Oct 11

I'm glad you have found yourself. <3

Oct 11

@Cindysmilesagain thanks. it isn't easy, and it isn't all over. and it took a year to step out of the last string that was attached. But today, as I grieve all the loss, I also smile and look forward to a new beginning. I thank everyone here for helping me through it all, helping me stay strong and keep taking baby steps forward. I can only hope that we all find some light at the end of the darkness caused by the destructive narc relationships.


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