I was thinking about sharing affirmations!! :-) My thoughts

I was thinking about sharing affirmations!! :-) My thoughts that help me detox and stay on the right path (and in the right direction!) Say them to yourself, in a journal. **Not** to the narcissist (why bother??).

*The abuse wasn't a lesson brought by the Universe/God or by people who thought they were superior or entitled to it. Lessons are found every day in a variety of situations and from various people. The abuse wasn't something that was waiting for me because I wasn't a "good enough" girlfriend, friend, lover, person, coworker, or what have you. The situation was what it was because the narcissist abused me and the lessons are how to recognize a narcissist, how to guard myself better, improving boundaries, when to let go, how to say NO, acceptance, how to detox from a toxic relationship, and other more personal viewpoints. The lesson wasn't that I did not do a good enough job that supposedly made other people do serious harm to me.

*I know you are an accomplished and highly manipulative liar and you will adapt your narcissist game, like a virus. I do not believe that I successfully played your game toe-to-toe and I seriously doubt that you will ever leave this situation changed by it, for the better. This is further proof you are the abuser and it is not because I was the one at fault for the abuse. My goodness and kindness were devalued and completely discarded, it did not appeal to you and a sense of goodness. Instead, you are more than happy to focus on your narrative of my wrongs and will apparently be forever changed by it, -- not by ceasing harmful acts (by never doing the abuse again or working on stopping it) but by adapting and perfecting your manipulation. Instead of leaving me and this situation learning how your words and actions really do affect others and can lead to serious negative consequences. You will only look at it as a way to learn how to be faster at it, better at it, and becoming more aware of other cues that will help you "snuff out" the ones that could possibly endanger your secret life.

*Disagreeing with your viewpoints that apparently gave you your permission to do what you did to me doesn't mean I am out to get you, or plotting for an attack. It doesn't make me crazy or jealous or stupid, or the long list you tried diagnosing me with. It also doesn't mean that I am attacking you in whole. I thought you were charming, very intelligent, a good father to your children, and successful at your career.. Yes, I can say that you are a narcissist and did me wrong and still say that you are intelligent, good at what you do, and a good father to your children. No, it doesn't mean I am trying to flatter you to get you back. Nooooope. No thanks.

*Recognizing the good in you isn't lovebombing. It's *not* putting you on a pedestal only waiting to tear you down later. I do NOT want to keep you in my life or draw you closer to me. It is not pleading for you to return. It's not mocking. It's *not* keeping ties/bridges intact. It's not a weakness to be exploited later. It's not an offer for friendship or interest in having one with you.

*Your opinions won't rule my life or consume my thoughts anymore

*For every lie or potential lie of the New Love(s) that make it my way and I notice it, I will accept it as fact and then dismiss it. Not go chasing after you. I won't ponder on it. I won't feel inferior because of it. Instead, I will be happy that you did, always with the hope that you will find the right one for you.

*Dear Narcissist; I agree, I am not the right one for you. Kindly join me in realizing that you are not the right one for me. You are not the right one for me.

-- my affirmations are tailored to fit me. Hopefully they will help.

Post your affirmations here! :-)

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romazicon8's picture
Jul 22

@Anthony26 I waffle back and forth on what to do. Mentally I am not ready but I look. I really need to stop doing so, focus on myself and children. I am having periods of anxiety about all of this. how she could have been what she was, how did it all end soo very suddenly. However, after looking at it form a objective perspective, this was always going to be the outcome. She never intended to be the wife she said she wanted to be, the partner she said she would be, it was all lies, lies, lies. Her father even said, Heidi loves her alcohol, her men and is selfish.

AnniesDayDream's picture
Aug 9

I am loved. I am love. I am a good person and I deserve love.

AnniesDayDream's picture
Aug 9

I matter and what I have to offer this world also matters.


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