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I unblocked him, out of curiosity (I'm an idiot) got a text

I unblocked him, out of curiosity (I'm an idiot) got a text 'I just want to be left alone' and then 'please ignore me when you see me and don't speak to me' and then 'I'm a c***, I don't deserve you as a friend'
I've blocked him again now I'm well and truly done and heartbroken......
I thought narcissists hate to be ignored?

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Sep 19

@Bop Yes, that article is one of the most, if not the most, powerful and eye-opening article about narcissistic behavior I've ever read!... You are not stupid -- you are human. The trauma bond you're locked into, as a result of intermittent reinforcement, is as powerful as a heroin addiction. It's a physiological reaction that is very difficult, if not impossible, to walk away from. But eventually you can heal, but it doesn't help to beat yourself up more than you've already been by the abuser. Treat yourself with kindness and compassion, which is very important in healing. You're not alone -- this thread alone shows how many other victims of this kind of abuse, share the same feelings you're expressing. Instead of blaming yourself, gaining insight and awareness into what causes this toxic bond -- will help you to understand what is necessary to heal. Support is essential, and you have that here.....

Sep 20


I don't know if you've heard of this book below, but I did a lot of research after I left my ex and this book really helped. I wish I would've read it when we were together so I could've left earlier. He is now disgusting in my eyes. Being so far beyond it now, I can see so clearly how he was using me and how all of the red flags and "gut feelings" were probably spot on. I downloaded the book on tape and could not wait to listen to it every day. I think this book might have been the only thing that helped me to heal. It's refreshing to hear that it's not just you feeling this way or experiencing these things. You know something is not right, but can't explain it. The book helps to put it all into perspective and gives good advice on how to help take better care of yourself so that you're not consumed with thoughts of him. It's called Power: Surviving and Thriving After Narcissistic Abuse by Shahida Arabi.

Sep 20

@Mishmash thank you so much for this, I'll definitely be getting this. Anything that helps is a bonus xx


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