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I think I’m finally free from the Narc and I think it’s

I think I’m finally free from the Narc and I think it’s because I unintentionally humiliated him. His true self was exposed and I think that’s the reason why he stopped the hoovering and hasn’t come back.

I’m curious to know when the Narcs in your life left for good and if it was something specific that happened or you did.

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Sep 11

Mine too.

Sep 11

@CutDeep what an unusual response!

Sep 11

@Scat I know the exact moment when I started to become attracted to men with narcissistic tendencies. Not sure if they were full blown Narcs because once I figured them out, I would end it immediately.

Obviously I’ve been wracking my brain to see if there is a Narc in my family since these things can stem from family dynamics and I don’t think there is one.

There’s something about a Narc I do find attractive. It’s their relentless belief in themselves, their “confidence”, the fact that they don’t care what others think... I know these are illusions and a false sense of self esteem but I believe them.


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