I’m starting to wonder about my sister‘s husband! You

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I’m starting to wonder about my sister‘s husband!

You know the stories we see on TV of the guy who looks normal and is married to a woman with his two daughters etc. And the next thing you know he kills her. I’m starting to wonder if he could be like that in his head.

He’s quiet. They always say be careful of the quiet ones! And he is not nice to his Mother. After she watches his kids so he can take a 3 day vacation for an Anniversary?!?
He always has the same look on his face and in his eyes in every picture. The same look from a Thanksgiving picture to a funeral. There’s no change.

I get a very uncomfortable vibe. Nervous feeling…

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Nov 25

He’s also very anal. He cleaned a granite kitchen counter with some type of machine washer thing. It looked like something you would wash a carpet with. You can’t spill a drop on his floor!
Even my anal sister thinks he’s anal! OCD !

My youngest niece is 7 now and I see her picking up the behavior. Having 2 OCD anal parents is a Bummer!
And my sister locks up food!
I’m so glad my parents never made food an issue.
It has the opposite outcome on the psyche. All it does is make you want it more.
My older niece is 10 with Autism. I know she will be obese later in life when she can eat what she wants.
My sister was never told no so now she is being the extreme opposite. That doesn’t work either.

I am not a Mom to a human so I don’t know from experience what it is like.
I can only imagine that I wouldn’t make food an issue. I would give my child healthy options but I would not make it an issue. No rules because that is why we grow up with food issues!
Food is food .. It doesn’t matter when you eat it or how much. We all have a different needs so we know when and where etc Naturally when we listen to ourselves.. not someone else.

I don’t imagine I would be the mom trying to force my child to eat at 6 PM just because it’s “dinner time.” Nope! Eat or don’t eat!
That is how my Mom was with me and I never had a food problem or a weight problem!

The only reason I gained weight as an adult is because I smoked as a kid. And when I stopped smoking I over ate. And because of how society treats women, 20 pounds overweight and now you’re fat. So I started trying to diet. And that is why I gained weight. Diets don’t work.
Yeah.. this is something I’ll be talking about a lot over 2022. I’m very passionate about overall health and weight loss for weight management now because the industry is constantly trying to mess us up. I have learned the truth and I’m going to share it on the weight loss board. Feel free to join anytime.

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Nov 25

And do you know how there are plenty of serial killers in the world. And they were a child once!

So my sister‘s husband‘s brothers child looks really scary to me as well. She’s nine I think. Very aggressive and mean. She always looks crazy and I’m thinking she’s gonna grow up to be some kind of serial killer.

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Nov 25

At this point life I really trust the way I feel about other people. When I’m around them or even just talking to them online.

I just moved closer to my sister so I could see my nieces. And I think I’m going to end up being involved with a narcissist (sister) sociopath (sisters husband) and a serial killer (brother in law’s kid) lol.. crazy .. I know.. but it happens everyday…

You’re going along in life and everything seems normal and boring. And then you come across a Sociopath etc. and that’s it.
Who knows… And while I hate moving and I want to be settled in one spot, might have to move again in a year or two. Or not see these people. I don’t wanna end up getting killed… lol ..


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