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I just made a really bold move: I deleted all of my social m

I just made a really bold move: I deleted all of my social media profiles and got a new phone with a new number. Really curious to see how it goes and whether this helps me. Might sound drastic, but I really need to step up my recovery. Now, he can't contact me, and I can't peek (I have also resolved not to visit any social media sites, and now I have no reason to because my accounts are no longer active). The narc I was with communicated almost exclusively through texting and social media (where he was obsessed with his photos, images, posts...always checking to see how many likes/followers he has). Text and social media are like a narc's dream come true, so I feel much better today without these notifications coming through. My new phone is very quiet! I loaded it with "happy" things, like meditation and music apps. Hoping this gives me a big boost.

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Sep 13

YOu sure did make a bold move and a smart move. That is tough to do, good on you!! I know for me not looking at my phone or jumping at a notification was so much better!!

Sep 13

Wow. Congrats!

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Sep 13

Congratulations sweetie!!! Getting totally rid of my social media isn't something I'm bold enough to do. But I blocked my narc so he can't contact me and I don't peek. I've always seen things that hurt me when I peek, like he added some woman I don't know or he posted some subliminal pop shot about something we are bickering about trying to slyly get his flying monkeys to start in on me. So I just block everything.


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