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I have been compliant for over a year now compliant for over

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I have been compliant for over a year now compliant for over a year and I’m so mad that I disobeyed him two weeks ago… Ever since then he has been the devil my God does anybody ever recover?

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Oct 16

Tell us more, disobeyed him how so?

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Oct 16

I did a BAD BAD THING !!! His girlfriend came up to me crying hysterically asking me to tell her the truth .. if I knew if he cheated .......... knowing I know he did ... AND I TOLD GER THE TRUTH!!!! Well .. she told him I told her that .... I am so stupid ... them men to calm him down I pathetically told her that I was lying and he didn’t cheat .. mind u he did ... I was stupid for telling her .. I just felt compelled to warn her .... he is now so vicious to me ! Why did I tell her ?!?! I’m so mad at myself !

Oct 19

@Justwantnormal You are married; your husband has a girlfriend, his girlfriend asked YOU if your husband cheated on her???

I don’t get it....

Especially since if she has a married boyfriend he is already cheating on his wife to be with her. And she would have to be pretty stupid to expect a cheating married man to be faithful to her...

Soooo if the above is true—-your husband is only mad at you because you told his gf that he cheated on her?????

How does this guy have a wife and two girlfriends? Does he work? Idk how he would have the time. Plus he’s a dad.... does he spend any time with his sons?



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