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I have a question- Narc etc that make others suffer sometime

I have a question- Narc etc that make others suffer and ruin someone financially and effect every area of their life, do they get away with it or is it really true what ever goes around comes around?

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Jun 2

@Blueberries1234 Thank you so much. Hurt people hurt people is very true. Yes they do know what they are doing. I used to be really compassionate thinking oh its okay they don't know what there doing because I just couldn't understand that people could be like that. It would not make any sense to me so I thought maybe they have no clue. No! I found out they know 100% and yet they still do it. Even when they get told what there doing is wrong they deny it but deep down it eats away at them and they do get affected. I think people who know what there doing is wrong and do it do as we said get a taste of karma. I always feel people in denial do know. I appreciate what you said about it being a learning experience. I have really looked within to try and understand what I can learn. Yes that is true but as you go through life you also realize some people treat you according to the way they treat themselves too. It's something to think about. Hope all is well with you x

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Jun 2

@Blueberries1234 Truth!!!

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Jun 3

@michelle7890 that's amazing that youve worked on yourself and realized those things:) I seriously recommend the youtube channel "vital mind psychology", where dr. Saad talks about the empath and our toxic empathy and he just breaks it down. It helps a lot. As for the narcissists, it is on a spectrum, and so yes I do think they do know what they're doing and at the same time they don't because it's a personality disorder, impulsivity is part of their disorder. So it is an illness, that they can't really change. They can be trained to learn through punishment and reward what behaviors they can or cant do but who wants to train a human being? It's a draining idea. Even then, people high on the spectrum will just try to fool you by taking therapy and just find a different way to torture you because they enjoy inflicting the pain they feel inside. It becomes their way of experiencing excitement or any feeling at all, because they're pretty numb to normal experiences and desensitized. Others, have moments of clarity where they are even capable of compassion and perspective taking. But as soon as they feel insecure it goes right back to being self centered. I can practically see my mom's thoughts unfold. People low on the spectrum are able to have compassion when they feel safe (not in fight-flight mode which for them is trifgered by situations that make them feel like someone else has the attention). E.g. my sister got a great interview my mom will say wow good job, and then start talking about an interview SHE had in the past. Lol It's an itch, she has to scratch and she literally can't help it. If that makes sense. The biproduct of that is we get conditioned to talk about only her also, and eventually became adults that could not be the center of attention (generalized to other social situations---we learned to self ignore and neglect to avoid the conflicts of standing up for ourselves). This shiz goes pretty deep.

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