I feel so hurt and confused i'm always wakling on eggshell

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I feel so hurt and confused
i'm always wakling on eggshells wondering what i did wrong
why am i not a good daughter

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May 4

We can never change enough to please our narc parent. I assume the narc parent wants us to be their clone. Being your own person will always disappoint them. Of course you did nothing wrong. We cannot be held responsible for how the mentally ill perceive us. They will always lash us when our opinion challenges theirs. Very sorry you are going thru this. Many of us here share your experience of never being good enough for the narc.

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20 hours ago

@andine thank you

12 hours ago

@d0ve andine is correct & I am speaking from experience with a narc mother and an ex narc fiance. Nothing I do ever seems to make my mother genuinely proud....when she says she is proud of me now its so many years overdue that i can't even take it at face value as if it is genuine. About a year and change ago she didn't hang up the phone properly and was caught on my sisters voicemail talking major garbage about me and my sisters. She was saying things to someone in the background like she's so sick and tired of me and my sisters ( we are all grown in our thirties and 40's and have always been independent and put ourselves through school), we are always with our friends and she seemed to be annoyed that on Christmas eve I was going to my best friends house to have a drink??? She always talked junk about our friends growing up ( they were all descent people) , yet she never offered us a safe place in her to tell her anything....so again to andines point, being your own person will always disappoint them....you just need to encourage yourself and rise above. Pour yourself into anything positive. Hugs

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