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I feel so confused. I swear my narcissistic husband of 13 ye

I feel so confused. I swear my narcissistic husband of 13 years is different and loves me and if I just love him enough he will change. However I can’t deny the fact that he has become cold the past few months. I am scared. I have become so physically ill because of the emotional abuse that I have become housebound. I am also isolated. For years I have had nightmares where he is mean to me and is someone I don’t even know. (He is a covert passive aggressive narcissist.) I’m afraid that those nightmares will come true. I’m afraid that he’s going to divorce me. I can’t believe I got myself into the situation.

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Apr 18

@Foundlove That is exactly how it was when I first met my husband. What a nice, quiet, shy, but attentive guy. Covert narcissists give off a totally different vibe than egotistical, loud, arrogant, overt narcissists. Covert manipulation, gaslighting, and sabotaging are very difficult, if not impossible, to detect. Especially early on and if you’ve never experienced covert narcissism before. Coverts can seem like the opposite of overt narcs, which is why they are more dangerous. The damage is slow, gradual, and if they’ve convinced you that it’s all your fault, you could possibly go on for 30 years. If I hadn’t started to recover and change, I might still be stuck there. (What a horrible thought!). It sounds ridiculous to think you were lucky that he physically abused you. Thankfully you weren’t seriously injured. But physical abuse should be an automatic game changer or deal breaker. Physical abuse crosses the line once and for all!........

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Apr 18

You can get pro bono representation in most states thru your local domestic violence shelters. I will be meeting w one of the attorneys next week. Fear is a killer. Do not allow fear to win. Take control, get help, and get out.

Apr 18

Wow!!! 20 years in the same situation. No matter how much love and support I give it’s never enough. I too have become home bound and isolated, an addict in recovery and forgotten who I used to be. I pray God will give you the strength you need to make the best decisions for you.


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