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I feel like o am losing friends and family ... no one unders

I feel like o am losing friends and family ... no one understands. If I get told move on, turn the page, go on with your life.. one more time I'm gonna jump off a bridge.

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Mar 14

Do you have a therapist? That is a good place to go where you will be understood. It took some time for my friends and family to understand what was going on with me. Some took it as I was dragging on too long, being dramatic etc. However after they saw I was still struggling they took the time to understand and read things I sent them. I did lose one long time friend who said ahe could not handle my demise after I had a set back. So you know what, I am better off without her. I agree with flhartow, do not go to those sources that are not capable of handling it. Come back here and will find great suppprt.

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Mar 14

Its one of the hardest parts and a side effect that will last a lifetime. The need to be understood is so vital to ones overall wellbeing and that has been severed. The really go for the jugular. You are isolated in ways you never thought possible. I had to get to the point for my own sanity to let go of all perceptions, people,or even situations that would bring me back into the sphere of abuse. Being from a family with NPD the familial tie is the hardest to navigate. My mother seriously acts like she has no idea why I have limited my contact, absolutely playing the confused doting mother. Laughable really. So I totally understand what you are going through, its so painful. You have to really reboot and start over fresh and hand select the people who are worthy of being in your life. Its frustrating that this is literally the most devastating abuse imaginable and to the world at large it doesn't even exist. That is what makes this so dangerous. We really are alone in this from start to finish. Someone told me this and it really resonated,

"For those who understand, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not understand, no explanation is possible.

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Mar 14

In some ways, leaving the "friends" and family is similar to leaving the narc. You experience that same residual effect of the nastiness from a narc because it has dripped it's evil onto others. It still baffles me sometimes that the most wicked of people have friends but it's all part of their act. It's their naivety. There is a quote "We all eat lies when our hearts are hungry"...and I think that's more true of the flying monkeys sometimes than the victims. They're the ones being deceived, not you, not anymore. People can really be difficult and annoying and that's why it's so important to be choosy. I read once that it's important to choose Character over Personality when choosing your friends. I understand that now.


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