I feel like I need to talk this out with someone.... My nar

I feel like I need to talk this out with someone.... My narc, since my discard, has become very religious. He was always an occassional attendee, but told me he only goes there to listen. Now, every post he makes is thanking God, he seems to be extremely close with the pastor ect.... I am not religious, and I do not want to get into a religious discusssion. Curious about thoughts on this?
1) I have read that narcs often use religion to hide behind because it is the perfect way to portray themselves as being as close to perfect
2) I am finding this a hard pill to swallow. I feel that his pastor is being taken for a ride by this falseness and today have been having thoughts about emailing the pastor. Without using his name, but bringing attention to NPD and abusers ect.... Is this a crazy thought?
3) Why is this making me feel so powerless and what can I do about it?

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May 19, 2017

I like what you say about people cant see them for what they are! People would say to her you are so beautiful inside & out but they don't know what she says about others & how she treated me

May 19, 2017

I think what you should ask yourself is why you can not let go. When you completely let go of him and value yourself first and see him for what he is, you will let go of everything he does, it wont matter to you. He is just being what those people are, master manipulators of everyone around and he will fool many . Free yourself from him, you deserve much better than a narc

May 19, 2017

It may be a part of his "Gas-lighting". Getting in good with the pastor. Mine does that, now I had to switch churches because her Gaslighting was extremely effective. They love her!!! Bakes everything for the bake sales, goes on the youth trips to cook, etc. Has the pastor over to dinner. Shares texts about church gossip with him. She's good (bad).


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