I don't understand why we want or miss or love someone who h

I don't understand why we want or miss or love someone who hurt us. I'm so sick he hasn't attempted to contact me. I know I'll be glad someday when God willing I'm past this and hopefully happy and even loving someone again but this is pure hell. Is it self esteem?

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Apr 24, 2017

@KinD My h never accepted responsibility for his choices or actions. It was always a misunderstanding or there were extenuating circumstances beyond his control. I always tried so hard to explain why his behaviors were unacceptable, but he felt that I overreacted to everything. He was on dating sites! His reply.... But I didn't date anyone, your overreacting.

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Apr 24, 2017

@KinD Yep, all depends on what they needed you for, whether or not they have current supply, and whether or not that source or sources are working out or if they're bored/jaded/dumped. Mine will probably never hoover me because he has other dolls in the toy box rotation & I couldn't be happier. What he will try to do is make sure I see him everywhere at work, happy & laughing & talking to women, regardless of who they are to him. I wish they made a spray I could carry around to make him go away when I sense he's around.

Apr 24, 2017

@ToxicsGoAway There is a spray. You say "you're not all that. your head is too big for your body and you walk like a duck. Also, your breath is just horrendous and your ears don't look human." That ought to give them a lot to worry about and they will never come near you again.


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