I don't know where to put this, so I'm going to leave it rig

I don't know where to put this, so I'm going to leave it right here. My narcopath almost ex husband texted me to let me know that my Instagram account must have been hacked as it keeps changing names and sending him requests. Well everybody, I do not Instagram. I wasn't hacked, he actually made the account. This I know because he was the only person to have the photo that was used for the account. The name he selected was an insult I would understand. He told me this a few days before our anniversary. On our anniversary he texted me this: "You are now blocked on Instagram. If I can be of help in any way today you can call me. Please tell Zoey and Hazel (our pets) I said hello. If you don't, I'll understand." Traslation of Narcspeak, "I made a fake account for you on Instagram and sent myself requests from [myself] you so that I could show my new target and all of my friends how crazy you are. Now I will block you on our anniversary because I know it will hurt you, and you probably need to be punished for not being perfect. Since you will undoubtedly be a mess without me on our anniversary (which means nothing to me) I would like to be a gentlemen and offer my services to listen to your pain because it makes me feel like I'm a good guy and oh my god it's such good supply! Plus, I can tell my new target again how much you love me, miss me and cannot get on without me (I am already triangulating her and making her doubt her place in my life). Please tell the pets I miss them but understand that I absolutely DO NOT miss you. I'll leave you with the last sentence that says I've managed to disrupt your day no matter if you do or do not call me. I know that you will see this and be thinking of me today." You understand why he's listed in my phone as A Piece of $hit. In addition, I am certain he has been subscribing me to email lists so that I get email about things that would make me think of him... like refinancing a home, retiring to Belize or new cell phone plans. He texts me things like.. I understand why you are doing that, you are really out of options OR I understand that you feel like you've lost everything. The manipulation is unf|_|cking believable! Every attempt now runs through my translator. Oh yeah, he also told me I need to stop reading books and believing everything I read. Translation? Stop reading books by Doctors, PhD's and experts in the field of cluster B personality disorders and believing that they are an accurate description of the type of disordered, pathological and evil person you married. Truth.

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Jun 19

I recently escaped from my unbearable captivity. My narc did not dissappear. Calling, texting, blocking me out of my Facebook account, riding by, begging, pleading... all the same tactics used before, to lure me back into his Hell. At times the lasting effects of mental, emotional abuse are enough to make me want to just die, I refuse to allow myself any contact whatsoever with him. I am in a safe place, repairing the damage he has done and I can stand up for my feelings now by denying him the pleasure of getting what he wants!!! That is an AMAZING..(scary,still...) incredible feeling to have! NO CONTACT!!!! Words i never even dreamed of during my years of pain. Sad part is he finally left me alone....I mean it is almost as if he just vanished off the face of the planet and i thought it would relieve me and give me joy.....My only regret for pushing him away is knowing that I sent him out to find his next victim and she may not be as tough as me...He might kill her but im free...RIGHT?

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Jun 20

@jade1964 thank you. They are pathological liars. I was listening to a video today talking about how the truth always wins. I hope that is true :)

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Jul 3

Put your email account on vacation so that he will get a bounce back. You will still get your email but he doesn't need to know that.


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