I don't believe for one second that people with narcissistic

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I don't believe for one second that people with narcissistic personality disorder were abused as children. They may tell stories to gain sympathy but I don't believe it.

I think abuse and pain has a opposite affect and doesn't create people with lack of compassion. These are just my thoughts but I think severe abuse may create some sirial killers but not "game players" that menipulate others for the fun of it.

I think these people were just spoiled brats that got away with murder with a slap on a butt and never learned responsibility for their actions. They're the result of bad parenting.

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May 17, 2017

@Justmetoo in the interest of fulll disclosure and honesty I need to say aloud too - of course the spoiling felt good and bad at same time. Of course ice cream fast food gifts whatever bring a certain transitory pleasure, but it was always combined with asense of ick and boundary violation, and something intagible taken "as payment" from me. But id be lying if I said it was all bad exoerience. Probably part of why its confusing, easy to blame yourself orvlash outvat others. Anyway ive rambled on enough! Thanks again for shares

May 17, 2017

My mom spoiled my brother, my second huband spoiled my son and my sister spoiled 3 kids. I was neglected and verbally abused. It was much easier for me to make friends and transition into adulthood than any of them i had low expectations.

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May 18, 2017

My understanding of Narcissism is that there are several forms of it that may differ, depending on the type of upbringing one has. It's definitely not the result of a happy perfect childhood, and people can end up that way just from having narcisstic or co-dependent parents. It has been said that the two go hand in hand. Most situations involving substance abuse or neglect in some form will result in co-dependent or narcissists. Kids who are not shown love and taught by selfish parents really don't know any better. Compassion is instilled as a learned trait and goes with empathy. Narcs are missing that chromosome in a sense. They miss out on the ability to feel the way HSP people do (hypersensitive people), and many times it has to do with the way we are conditioned. I don't think people are born co-dependent or narcissistic. These are learned traits, and in most cases the result of coping mechanisms.


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