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I cried so hard this morning. Two of my closest friends have

I cried so hard this morning. Two of my closest friends have their 20th anniversaries today. And while of course Im elated for them I am also deeply sad. Their husbands are so sweet and romantic and protective. Im 40 and what did I pick up...well I'll tell yoI picked up a man? Who left another note. ( I know i shouldnt have read it,but) He told me he knows he has hurt me tremendously. That hes not asking for forgiveness , but understanding. That he knows im "bitter" (Boy did I bristle at that) and u. He is not the person he wanted to be. What in the F is that bs????What in the hell does this guy want? He doesnt love me me...not at all. His betrayal has been abhorrent. Hes clearly still madly in love with this other women he was with all of 2 months. Im so angry. I wish he'd go back away.

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StreaksDarkAngel's picture
Sep 15, 2018

@pickone Oh, sure. Or rip it to pieces and flush it down the toilet!

Doesitmatter01's picture
Sep 15, 2018

@Autumnrain that is horrible that he is a cop. I have known of other women that was with cops that they told me horror stories and that they were lucky to get out alive. Please becareful

Sep 15, 2018

@Doesitmatter01 Yes..I have heard them. I feel like hes not going to be dangerous, just because he truly doesnt give a crap about me...this is just him not currently having supply. But im keeping my guard up for sure.


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