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i broke up with my bf. he was an ex the narc took me from. i

i broke up with my bf. he was an ex the narc took me from. i realize that my narc experience has made me very keen. its an awareness i cant ignore that makes me detect b.s early. bc breaking up with a narc is harder than a regular breakup overcoming it has made me tuff like iron. letting go of less toxic relationships is much easier now. a no nonsense approach. who here has been in a successful relationship post narc?

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Aug 12

@clearly Not necessarily, if they have managed to work through most of their issues. I have found that I prefer women who are older than me, because I have a really hard time connecting romantically with women who are my age - let alone younger than me. Also, I have noticed that women who are older than me really appreciate a healthy and mostly balanced man who takes care of his body. Unlike some younger women who seem to be much more superficial and don't see themselves settling for anything less than a multimillionaire movie star.

I can sort of relate to the heartbreak, but for me it was only a transitory phase. Either I was going to get over that or experience a full-on psychotic episode. I chose healthy and supportive relationships over the alternative.

Aug 12

@AugWrath i thought this too but my ex waa single for at least 5 months until he met this new girl. I think he was planning to hoover me as he wanted to stay friends and i said no... i had his laptop and i told him id give it to my sister and he could get it from her and his reply was but if we are going to be friends surely we will meet up for a coffee and chat.... i stuck to my guns tho and didnt meet him.

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Aug 12

I agree with depends greatly on where the individual is in his/her life and that's where time can work to your advantage as I've said before. Get to know people before you rush into a full blown relationship and recognize that the intense chemistry you often feel in the beginning is not Love!


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