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I believe my ex fiance is a narcissist but i'm not really su

I believe my ex fiance is a narcissist but i'm not really sure because he also has bipolar. We broke up 3 months ago due to fighting as we were under a lot of stress. Apparently he loves me but is not in love with me. He keeps telling me that we are most likely going to get back together but not for a while because we both have things to work on first. I am just wondering if anybody's ex has come back.


All of mine tried to get back together after the fact. But the way I see it: if it didn't work then, why would it work now? The race is too short to keep betting on a losing horse.

The true test of a relationship is not when everything's good, but when things are not so good. If his and your response to stress is to fight, and you do get back together, that's something that needs to be addressed. Life is always going to have its turbulent times, and you both have to learn to cope with them in a healthier way.

What struck me as odd in your post is how he keeps telling you "We're likely going to get back together." Almost like you don't have a say in the matter. If it were me I'd say, "Oh really? That's funny because we're actually not. Ever." But that's just me. I don't take kindly to people telling me what I'm going to do :)


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