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I am unsure of what to do in a situation i am in. I previous

I am unsure of what to do in a situation i am in. I previously fell into one trap after another. I have *tried* my absolute best to ALWAYS stand up for myself with a narc. It never went well. I recently had to deal with a narc ( i am 100% sure he was) and the more assertive i got and the more i tried to prove he was wrong in what he saying and that i was being played the worse things got for more. They got so bad i wondered whether being a door mat would have been better.

I am in this AGAIN! We have stood up for ourseleves and we got laughed at and indeed the person in question got worse. I want to now take it further but i wonder whether they are craving the attention and drama ( which they are) and whether to just leave it be and move away from the situation as soon as i can. Is it a losing battle? I hate feeling like a push over, absolutely HATE IT but when i have tried before i can honestly say things went badly. I found going no contact was the ONLY way. Sometimes you have to chose your battles. It's killing me that they are getting away with it. These people are difficult to deal with as they are not like normal people. It's becoming very unhealthy and i just want to distance myself. I have been advised to take it further but i can honestly say from previous experience of dealing with dangerous people if they know it's you ( which they will) they could make it worse? could they? Thank you x

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Jun 3

What do you mean by take it further? In my experience its best for you to remove yourself from the situation immediately. The desire to expose them is great but the need to keep your sanity in tact is even greater. If you were walking down a path and came across an angry bear that stood up on its haunches ready to attack, would you take it on? Or go the to other way.....don't walk, run. They are just drawing you into their sick game of crazy making. They need people in order to play out their abuse, don't volunteer.


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