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I am thinking back to what was wrong in my relationship with

I am thinking back to what was wrong in my relationship with him and the manipulative phrases he used. After a super intense love bombing, like " you are a love of my life", " i always dreamed of having children with you but I am asking for nothing but your love now", " i love you to death, I hope you share your life with me", ...when I asked him to at least start making plans together, he said..." I do not think we should take it any further...I do not want to hurt anyone.....let' s just see what happens......I want to stay on the magnificent week we spent together......" I read that these are classic manipulation words....180 degrees turn in a span of 2 days....never a word of love after that. This is when silent treatment, devaluing and constant drama started out of the blue....everything was offensive to him from that point on, the book I read meant that I think he is illiterate, the way I fixed my car( wrong, of course) - an opportunity to say that he cares and I do not appreciate; when my aunt was dying, he disappeared for 2 weeks without a word....what did your narc say that was manipulative? I read that " let's see how things develop " is their favorite...

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Apr 19

@Kindoflost look, nobody is 100% textbook, but on how you feel. Are you confused and always on the edge with him? Mine never belittled me but he had bouts of depression with my every achievement, as if I was belittling him with my successes....does he speak or write in riddles? Does he put some casual passive aggressive remarks to see how you react? Does he push your boundaries, emotionally or sexually? Does he have mood swings?

Apr 20

Ever since I found out about his online long distance affair which would never come to fruition( but the other woman was ready to move to the states for him ) i don't trust him and I am on edge about his time spent on messenger. I have that gut feeling , but I'm so involved in his/our world. Many of our mutual friends want nothing to do with him other than surface relationships. The party doesn't start until he arrives....
When I decide I'm done he will totally be exposed because they love me more... I'm real.
He really is attentive and kind to me. The trust and loyalty are an issue.

Apr 21

Trust and loyalty are the most important things in a relationship. Trust your guts, if he was seeking out other women, it is q matter of time when he dies it again...maybe it is worth stepping back and critically evaluating what you get from this relationship


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