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I am thinking back to what was wrong in my relationship with

I am thinking back to what was wrong in my relationship with him and the manipulative phrases he used. After a super intense love bombing, like " you are a love of my life", " i always dreamed of having children with you but I am asking for nothing but your love now", " i love you to death, I hope you share your life with me", ...when I asked him to at least start making plans together, he said..." I do not think we should take it any further...I do not want to hurt anyone.....let' s just see what happens......I want to stay on the magnificent week we spent together......" I read that these are classic manipulation words....180 degrees turn in a span of 2 days....never a word of love after that. This is when silent treatment, devaluing and constant drama started out of the blue....everything was offensive to him from that point on, the book I read meant that I think he is illiterate, the way I fixed my car( wrong, of course) - an opportunity to say that he cares and I do not appreciate; when my aunt was dying, he disappeared for 2 weeks without a word....what did your narc say that was manipulative? I read that " let's see how things develop " is their favorite...

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Apr 16

@freshwounds " My personal favorites were when he wanted me to engage in something sexually that I wasn't sure about and he told me "you are my greatest love I don't want us to have boundaries" .. omg... we were dating the same freak...EXACTLY same words...and i know now it was not even about sex for him , it was about my humiliation and his power

Apr 17

@Struggler Does his name start with a B? haha - mine was a serial cheater and i'm discovering new girlfriends daily so nothing would surprise me at this point

Apr 17

Yes, his name starts with Ben...


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