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I am nervous today, for several days now. He mows yards on t

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I am nervous today, for several days now. He mows yards on the side and has mowed mine for several years now. I tried to break up with him before, gave him his key back, 20 minutes later he pulled in at my house and started mowing the yard before I even knew he was there. I have a feeling this is how he is going to reappear. I thought I should ignore my back injury and get the yard mowed first so he couldn't then realized the mower I have is technically his. It was what he called an indefinite loan. I currently can't afford a new one. In the mean time I jump every time I here a mower start up in the neighborhood.


Oh my gosh, it is so funny how many similarities there are among many of us on here. My ex lives a couple blocks away. I'm in the second discard. What did he say this time, while I'm sitting there devastated and trying to hold myself together? "I'll still mow your lawn!!" Gee, thanks? I have a large yard and do have a push mower, but it would take forever to do. There is no way I can afford a riding mower for when the season starts. I could accept him mowing my lawn if he wouldn't ever try to hoover me again. I have fully accepted he is not who I thought he was, but the thought of him trying to hoover me again just fills me with dread, as he really had his hooks in me. I was so in love with him. He has come and taken his mower out of my shed in the meantime, as I asked him to, I don't know that that makes a difference in his mind.

Mar 13

They pull that servanthood stuff as a means to hoover us. My narc thinks he can lie like the devil and cheat all he wants as long as he carries out the trash, helps with dishes and acts all syrupy sweet between toxic arguments.

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Mar 13

It might be worth every penny of your peace and sanity to hire it mowed. There's likely even young boys in the area that want to make extra money and would even push mow for you. Just a thought. I wouldn't want him on my property or have any reason to show up for "payment".


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