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I am hurt.. I dad all that you told me to do and I feel los

I am hurt.. I dad all that you told me to do and I feel lost.

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Jul 11

I have three children with my narc. I realize now that not only do I have to deal with him, but now the three people we created together will have a narcissist to deal with for the rest of their lives. I will forever be the shoulder for my children to cry on because of their non-empathetic father. You are doing the right thing. Be strong, sweet girl. You can do it.

Jul 11

@Lostmyselfinhim I am re-posting my comment reply on your other post; as it is also appropriate here:

No one will tell you that going No Contact is easy, or an overnight remedy for the trauma of narc abuse. It’s normal to feel, not only sad, but a conflicting combination of emotions, as you go through the grieving process. After all you are grieving the loss of something that was very important to you; and which you believed was real at the time. Now that you know, without a doubt, that it was not real, but an illusion, hopefully you will eventually let go. The healing process has to be done at the individual’s own time and pace. Whatever you’re feeling is a normal part of the step by step process of healing, growing, and evolving. Be kind and patient with yourself. We are here to support you......

Jul 12

Loss is loss, and so is betrayal. In addition to all that has been said, this thought comes to mind: The fact that you have tried and 'bent over backwards' to do all that was requested tells me you are strong and brave and courageous. You are a fighter. So, turn that energy inward and stand strong and courageous without the relationship! You'll probably need some help sorting through all of this so I'd suggest a like-minded support group where you'll meet others who are coming out of similar situations! If you are having a hard time locating one, try looking to see if your city has a Celebrate Recovery program. You're going to be ok. It does take time to heal and answer the gazillions of questions that run through your head and to find yourself again. You'll learn that you are an amazing person and not at all who you were told you are. HUGS.


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