I am both terrified and free. Today I spoke with an expert o


I am both terrified and free. Today I spoke with an expert on Narcissism. I will share what I learned.

It will only get worse. Find the you that was you before this began.
Your strength is still there. You are involved with a parasite. He is already way ahead of you. If you leave, nothing will change for him because he has already lined up his supply.

If he becomes violent, call the police.

He does not care one whit about you. Nothing. Zero.

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Corvette's picture
8 hours ago

@romazicon8 I'm frozen. I know I'm being stupid to stay. I need my will for a better emotional peaceful life to be stronger than my fear and pain. Trying to get it here.

Corvette's picture
8 hours ago

@cuppie Me exactly! To a tee.

Bee4bdn's picture
4 hours ago

@romazicon8 I disagree we can’t just cut them out in order to have peace. Peace must come from within. The narc in my life is my mother. I cannot just not be a part of her life now that she’s newly widowed. I’m still her daughter and My sister another Narc won’t let me. I’m no longer codependent or tolerant of bad behavior and I do still love both of them. In order to stay who I am, I walk a very tight mindful line and I bring witnesses with me that help hold them accountable. Learning to not allow then to push my buttons has made a world of difference for me. I was the one that needed to change in order for me to find that peace.
@ Corvette you’re never stupid for staying. Your heart matters too. Narc hand out hope as though it were candy. Actions speak greater than words. Unfortunately, in order to witness changed actions you have to stick around awhile. People can change if they want to but only with professional help. Narcs don’t believe they need that help so they refuse it. It’s always always someone else’s fault when you’re dealing with a narc.

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