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I’m struggling so much, why has he had to block me......he

I’m struggling so much, why has he had to block me......he knows that it absolutely kills me, even if I don’t contact him he knows that I like to know he’s available......he’s blocked me which he knows hurts me so much but then tells my friend that he hopes I’m ok and that he just needs me to be happy??

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Aug 11

@Wildone i got discarded yesterday officially and u no idea how depressed I am. I can’t even get out of my bed

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Aug 11

@Wildone I am going to read back on your story but do I understand correctly that he is married and was having an affair on his wife with you?

Aug 12

all i can say is wow and i am sorry. My ex husband always blocks me and pulls rug out from under me, we got back together and bought house together and 4 days later he is "done" ...vacation of vacation texts " i need solitude" blocks me and hides...oh and btw...we are in our 50s, have 5 grown kids and 2 grandchildren and i am well respected teacher in high performing district...with him...i am powerless i want to stop giving away my power


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