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I’m feeling so confused today. I was feeling better a few

I’m feeling so confused today. I was feeling better a few days ago for like two days it wasn’t exactly no contact but it was her ranting about nonsense insulting me and what not, and me not caring which felt good. I felt like even though it wasn’t technical no contact it still felt like I was okay. She was going through her typical roller coaster of emotions when I didn’t answer her until I had to answer her yesterday when our dog who I wasn’t planning on seeing anymore got sick and th vet said he needed surgery so naturally I wanted to see him before hand in case anything happened so I went over to her apartment for like 20 minutes to see him she was emotional because I guess it was her dad’s birthday who passed like 17 years ago and she still hasn’t let go of it like at all she actually uses her parents deaths to excuse her behavior a lot. Anyway she was crying so I gave her a hug we didn’t really talk about us but I sometimes make comments about how she cheated and she obviously will ignore it or say “I know I’m a scumbag” but that’s it. But now that I saw her I’m feeling emotions again like I want to talk to her again and I’m mad because I was doing so well. I can’t win, I met her to drop the dog off at the vet this morning and we talked for a few minutes about this needs to be our last conversation, she needs to work on herself, she’s sorry blah blah all the usual. It was civil which is good but all I want to do is talk to her now I hate this. I told her this is why I didn’t want to see her

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Oct 13

So going forward are you still co-parenting the dog?

Oct 13

I just ended a co-parenting dog situation. It just doesn't work. Each of you gets mixed feelings and it's confusing for the pet. Trust me, I tried to do it for two years. We just had to stop as they use it as a way to pull you back in every time. Stay strong. I hope the dog is on the road to recovery.


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