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@anteru One way to know that they are a narc is that It will never be their fault.

Jul 13

@Advocatus_Diaboli i always felt like i was the aggressor. for example with sex if i were to initiate and she wasnt into it. she would go into this thing about feeling like she was being taken advantage of and it made me feel awful. however, if she were to initiate and i didnt want to, i didnt find her attractive. either way i was at fault.

she tells me she always felt like she was walking on eggshells with me, as if i was some unstable monster that flipped out on her. i was stressed from work! so much pressure on me to succeed so i could provide the things she wanted. i am realizing now i was walking on eggshells all the time! i would fight a war at work and come home to fight another war at home. no wonder i was overweight, eating my feelings, and not sleeping.

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Jul 13

A lot of people have a certain "type" they prefer over another. My ex-narc LOVED women with brown hair. I, of course, have blond hair and narc never once let me forget that I was not his "type" and he preferred brown-haired women. He is now dating a woman with brown hair, thank goodness! He finally got what he wanted and I'm sure he's not happy with her either.


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