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Jul 12

@missm0lly I truly believe we understate and undervalue the term GOOD. We put evil in it's proper place, but GOOD we tend not to give it the same weight as evil. It does have the same weight as evil. It is the antidote to evil. There is a line dividing good and evil that cuts through the heart of every human being.

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Jul 13

@MrBrains Absolutely. You are so right with what you said above, about not knowing your capacity for good until you evaluate your capacity for evil.

Jul 13

My Narc tryed to pull that one too, everyone but me is treated well by him . So not only to they treat us like crap but it's out fault, BS! They are the ones with the problem not you! So she's denying acting horrendously, devaluing your feelings and blame shifting all in one short sentence. Only a Narc could pull off something like that, don't believe a word she says , liars , they're all liars!!! My narc can come up with an excuse for anything , he's a master liar. Also he's says he feels so judged by me that I don't except him for who he is, blah blah poor him. The way it goes with him is if you disagree with him in anyway then he's out for blood, he says he has the same reaction to me as his father and doesnt react to anyone else like that , it's probably because we both take a strong stance on his personality and actions, and he does not like that! Why can't we just let him walk all over us and do as he pleases?!! Sorry to rant , it's just when you said you're wife said you're the reason she acts terribly, it got me very heated.

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