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How my covert, narc husband isolated me was not the way you'


How my covert, narc husband isolated me was not the way you'd expect. He never told me you can't go to church, but would instead smear me behind the scenes at church. He'd never say I don't want you to be around your writer friends, but instead humiliated me at poetry readings by coming drunk and making fun of the poets that were editing a magazine so then it would sabotage my standing I worked very hard for in the writing community. He never told me not to talk to the neighbors but instead would smear me to them so everyone had a poor impression of who I was and would avoid my greetings. Then I'd never tell him he couldn't see his family, but told him I didn't want to go to his family after how he smeared me to his family. Never kept him from church, but when I was smeared, I no longer wanted to go, etc etc. So then in the end it started to look as though I was the abuser, the one isolating him when it was the opposite. Can anyone relate to this? Has anyone had this sort of experience with a narc where it made you look abusive when you weren't at all but were just trying to avoid their abuse however you could?

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Jan 15

@Injustice2011 What you posted really sounds like someone telling your 4 year old what to say by all means. I really question the ability of a 4 year old to even understand a transaction like selling or buying or to even understand money. I pray for you and your childs sake that CPS wisens up.


Yesssss...the cult does this...everything they do is behind my back...all of the slander is behind my back...why? Bc most people won't tell you what's said behind your back...sooooo a person that goes around behind your back to repeatedly slander you usually doesn't get caught ..they remain incognito...hidden...and if they have certain credentials or a title it makes it much easier to do and remain hidden .or if they utilize people with shady pasts it also allows them to remain HIDDEN...but yesss ...indirect isolation is easy to do...it's actually EASIER!!!!!! Covert...sly...

Jan 15

@Asthethunderrolls, yes and I'm now more isolated than ever before, sadly. : (


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