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How do you pick up your life when you go from one narc to th

How do you pick up your life when you go from one narc to the next, I don't mean a relationship to a relationship but narcs that appear in other areas of your life? How do you cope? I really thought I had everything under control, I thought now I know the signs of what to look for? What do I become a grey rock 24/7? I mean this is ridiculous. I don't feel i can ever be myself and if i am i get wiped out!

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May 22

I know what you mean. It honestly comes down to being as grey as possible. There was a very active member of SG, Ducktape, who always gave wise advice. He always said you must mask yourself against narcs just as they mask against us. He didn't mean to be fake like narcs are, but rather do not allow them to see that you are an empath. We empaths have this problem. We want to please others and we worry about their feelings. This is something narcs are not truly capable of and they take advantage of our empathy, use it for themselves and even exploit it. I am still a work in progress and probably always will be, but I have learned to not show my empathy. I do not agree to everything, I purposely say NO more, and I do not engage. Be very wary of someone you suddenly become special to. Over the top "nice" is a sign. Truly nice people (who are not after something...like your soul) will not be over the top nice. They will be kind. There is a huge difference. I'm especially aware of people who are trying to suck me in but are negative about others and they're trying to get you to say something bad or they're smear campaigning the other victim. You will soon become their victim. They say the best way to escape an attacking bear is to back away slowly and show no emotion. I think the same is true for getting away from a narcissist. It is best to be conveniently too busy to engage with them and avoid them as much as possible. It's easy to distract a narc. If you back off and stay away, you'll see them gravitate to another source.

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