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How do you guys remind to keep away from your Narc? What tec

How do you guys remind to keep away from your Narc? What techniques do you use? It's been a peaceful 6 months of No Contact except for seeing him peek at my profile once a month. But over time he's been trying more desperate attempts to reach out with the past week escalating with each day. How do you guys stop yourself from pitying this person you once loved and caving in?

I've blocked and ignored and he finds other ways to try sending me a message or at least showing that he has been watching and perhaps it's because I am out of it now but it is hard to hate him now, especially with this almost sad behaviour. He has been living with his new gf for several months now so I thought he'd let things go and move on but it does not appear to be the case.

However the rational side of mine remembers the pain I felt... the deep depression I was in and how I had to go to therapy and take antidepressants to feel somewhat normal. Still the more desperate he gets, the more I am inclined to give in and see if he is doing ok

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Oct 23

Wow! Congrats on six months! Just remember, it’s kind of like heroin....slip up one time and you’re suddenly addicted again. Whenever I find myself thinking of her, I immediately say to God “she’s in your hands” and then I force myself to concentrate on something else.

Oct 29

@2018go you're right. Some people you just cannot 'save'. I'm really worried the whole experience will leave me distrustful of people for the rest of my life. You guys also feel like this?

Oct 29

@nowhere2turn205 I trust it will leave me cautious, but not distrustful.


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