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Hi there. Just thought I'd update everyone who has been fol

Hi there. Just thought I'd update everyone who has been following my story. I'm out. Tonight is my first night in my apartment. My STBX (first time I'm writing that, but I don't feel like just calling him my husband anymore) came back from his overseas trip today. I after my meltdown in the apartment as I was moving in over the weekend, I thought tonight might be tough. But I think the fact that I have my little boy with me and I'm just super busy helped a lot. Also went for a counseling session this morning which I'm glad I did. Tomorrow night he will have our son. The terrible two's are kicking in fast and furious so I'm eager to see how he copes. I will put money on the fact that he will call his mother in. But I will be all alone in this apartment. He is also getting the summons tomorrow, and I know that he will be livid about what it says. I expect to be harassed with phone calls and texts by him and his family. Because he has plans for a new business abroad, and if I divorce him and take what I'm likely entitled to, he possibly won't be able to do that (and he is bragging all over Facebook and everywhere about his new venture) I'm scared for tomorrow. I'm also not looking forward to being alone here. I feel super low at times and then I get busy and it seems to subside a bit. So far I have no regrets.

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Dec 1

@missm0lly Here if you need to talk.

Dec 1

Proud of you. Your strength is exemplary.

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Dec 6

@triplen That must be so frustrating! What is your plan looking like thus far? I'm having some though days and okay days. Worst days are when my son is with him. I'm feeling the pressure of fending for myself now money wise. Many of his accounts still got debited to me this month. It's tough. He is acting extremely vindictive and has blocked me on all social media out of pure spite - there is only phone now.


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