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Hi there, I, in desperate need of some advice. My narcissist

Hi there, I, in desperate need of some advice. My narcissistic partner left me after 5 years. We have two young children. He is a pathological liar, he cheated on me, he didn't care, did not help me out at all around the home, he made me think everything was my fault and took no blame for anything. He left a few weeks ago and I started begging and pleading and sending loads of messages and phoned him. I felt like I was going crazy. He ignored me, was nasty and spiteful towards me, would laugh at me down the phone then he had an audience. He then decided he'd come back on the Tuesday and was gone again by the Thursday. He said he didn't love me the way he should and that he couldn't switch on feelings. I was obviously distraught, a complete mess. He left and I phoned him and he just told me to get a grip and look after the children then hung up on me. I decided from that moment I couldn't contact him again. I havnt but am finding it so hard as he has text me a few times. I also think he may be seeing someone else. I just need some help as I am really struggling

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Aug 13

@AbbeyMulhern And that's ok. You'll see it when you are ready to and then you'll do what you have t in order to be rid of him.

Most of us had to go back for a second helping, and some of us went back for third and forth helpings. Everyone is different and it just takes longer for some than it does for others. It is what it is.

Aug 13

He has in fact admitted he's seeing someone else. I think he's been trying for a while to get with her but still sleeping with me just last week. The messages he sent me last night were disgusting. He really showed his true colours. At least now I know what he is

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Aug 14

And itll be hard again when you awake and feel insecure wanting love and a real relationship. Stay strong. Itll be a game for a while until u go no contact. Its so hard. I know. I still give in and suffering but its contact is the only way and that sucks Because its much contact means finding that other friend who will text ya daily throughout and finding that thing to do that keeps your mind occupied so u dont think about them for 4 hours or so. But U can do it! U can! Focus on you. Make it a point to do everything ypu ever wanted to before u met him. 100+ points each accomplishment and when u reach 500....get your nails done! (Example) :)


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