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Hi I need some advise. Is there anyone in here that have chi

Hi I need some advice. Is there anyone in here that have children and a narcissistic husband? I'm learning that I am an enabler/empath for his behavior so I can try to bring some what kind of perceived calmness in my household even though its not actually real peace. I'm torn because I have been teaching my 14 yr daughter to do the same and she knows its not normal but right now I am stuck and cornered in the marriage. He has total control of our finances, home, car, etc and I'm not working right now. He finally agreed for me to go to school since he wants me to stay at home with the kids and not work. Until I am in a better position to leave and support the kids and myself, how do I help my children deal/cope with a narcissist parent?

Mar 15

Well, I am not in the exact same position, but I am married to a narcissistic wife. I know I have enabled this behavior for years. Not quite so much now that I really know what is going on and what she is and how she operates. I think if your daughter is willing to listen and won't go behind your back, I would just be honest with her and talk to her about what is normal and what is not. Maybe help her understand what narcissism is? I would help them (sounds like you have more than one child) understand to the best of their ability (don't know their ages) that things are not normal...and that they are safe with you. I have found that having discussions with my kids, when she is not around is helpful. I try not to trash her because they love mom. She does enough of that about me when I'm not around. I don't want to turn them against her, but I try to help them understand that them (and me) being called horrific names and the regular occurrences of having profanities yelled out is not okay.

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Mar 15

Hi, there is a guy on youtube called DSD. He helps people who are dealing with Narc spouses and their children. He is very good. Also someone by the name under ASSC Direct. He is great.
Stay strong and be safe


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