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Hi, I don't know how to start this feed or whatever it is (t

Hi, I don't know how to start this feed or whatever it is (this is my first time on this platform).
I broke up with my narcissist boyfriend 1 month ago, moved out of the apartment and blocked him everywhere I could. The problem is we work together and we have glass offices and his new "fling" is working in his department. I see them everyday when they go have lunch together or when I go on the toilet. It's a mess. I recently found out that he cheated on me with her in the beginning of december when I was in Munich with my friends. One week after I moved out he already had her in our former apartment. Nice. Also, I just recently found out that he flirted with her even in November sending her e-mails "Good morning sunshine, I'm already looking forwart to lunch" and crap like that. And some of our mutual friends just told me that he went home with another on Saturday... so he's having a feast obviously while I sit here and mourn like an idiot.

Don't really know how to cope with this. It's so ridiculous, after all he's done to me I still kind of have something in me that wants him back. He lied straight to my face and on the day we broke up and I had to move out of our apartment he had the decency to write me a text to ask me if I took all the garbage bags. And when I told him I left the vacuum cleaner in the apartment but I bought it he was like "How much was it?" And I said "70 $" - he simply responded "Okay, but it was 70$ when it was new... now it's used... after 3 months!! Seriously?!

All he did in the last couple of months was rejecting me, having sex with me but in a very mechanic way (I thought it was my fault but now when I think of it I think he did it on purpose to make me feel bad). It was always me starting anything physical...

I don't know... his lack of empathy really broke my heart. And there were warning signs earlier in our relationship... a year ago I had to get surgery and he would not drive me to the hospital saying he can't take time off (which was not true). I had to practically force him to drive me to the **** hospital. Or when we were still living seperately (15 min by car from each other) and I told him that my mum was diagnosed with cancer and I asked him to come stay at my place because I didn't wanna sleep alone he simply replied "I will be there for you another time but now I'm already in bed in my pajamas) I don't know I think I was just so speechless that I didn't want to see it or I thought it's because of his age... but his lack of empathy was just so shocking to me. But I still stayed. And now I'm ashamed of it.

For our annual Christmas Party we went to Paris with the whole company. He completely ignored me the first night and was flirting all night with his new "fling". All of my co-workers saw it and felt sorry for me. We had a transfer back to the hotel at midnight but he just snapped at me and told me that he's having fun with his co-workers. I went outside and he didn't come so I went inside of the bus. When I was sitting inside I saw him outside with his "fling" and her best friend (she also works at our company... they are both 19/20). I saw him getting very physical with the fling's best friend and texted him if he kissed her and he replied "No, I had chewing gum between my teeth and she bit off half of it". In that very moment the bus drove off with me inside but him still outside. I texted him to come to the hotel room immediately and he was just like "No, I want to have another drink with my co-workers and we're having fun. That was just for fun and nothing happened! I didn't do anything wrong!"

Seriously, in front of a bus with half of the company... I felt so ashamed and embarrassed. So I went to the hotel room by myself and couldn't fall asleep. He came at 5 in the morning completely drunk. He didn't respond when I texted him. We had 2 more days in Paris so I didn't wanna throw a tantrum next to all our co-workers... so I tried to play along. After that happened he asked me for another chance.

We had 2 weeks off for christmas time so I thought it would get better but he just continued to hurt me, be totally obsessive with his phone, not wanting me to hold it for 1 second. He became very distant and secretive but he would have better days. I don't know... in the end I found out that he went skiing with her (I didn't believe him when he said he would go by himself but he went on with his story - I told him I thought that he went with her but he said it's not true). I recently found out that he seriously went with her... and he sent me a selfie of himself from the slopes ...

So... I left out a couple of things but it's honestly a very long story and my biggest problem is that he is being very mean now. I blocked him everywhere and he sent me 2 e-mails last week and she stalked my instagram profile although I am not following her. I think he got the message now and will leave me alone. I hope so at least.

I just don't know when my heart will start to realize that there is no "what if"

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Feb 12

Classic narcissistic behavior. Reads like he is triangulating you with the new supply which is why she is looking on your social media pages. I would start NO Contact and block him everywhere and in everyway. That is if you want the relationship to be over. If you are going to continue to work where you are, either ask to change offices or find something to mask the glass so you can't have visual observation.


I can't really change offices because I just got promoted ans I'll be the team leader from now on. They asked me last week. At first I wasn't sure if I should do this but maybe it's a good distraction. I'm still worried if I can do this.

He does this on purpose. He gave me tickets for a comedy show for Christmas with an overnight hotel stay. When we broke up he told me I could go with someone else. When I asked him about the hotel he replies that he canceled it bc the tickets were the present... and that was the night when they stalked my profile to probably see if I went or not.

He stopped having lunch with her bc I asked him to after the breakup. That was until he realized that I blocked him. Then they went together again.

I hate her too, she knew that we were living together and still started flirting witb him. I hate them both and I wonder if she knows that he already slept with a different girl on saturday.

And after all I know I still have those weird feelings for him.

Before I blocked him he had the nerve to text me that I should be nice to her in office and tell my colleagues not to look at her weird. Seriously.

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Feb 13

I'm so sorry you had to be sucked in by this selfish and insecure narcissistic man. If I were you, I'd stay no contact, if at all possible put a blind on your window at work, don't even look at his other women unless you're forced to talk to them for work. Then I'd either transfer or look for a better job. Just my opinion. This man is toxic. Oh, and by the way, it is not a good idea to have a romance with someone from work. Live and learn; Right?


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