Hi folks. I am having a really bad time today.

Hi folks. I am having a really bad time today.

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Sep 12

@peacewanted They become even more of an @$$ in those times because they cannot and will not allow peace to prevail. They must stir up meanness and negative drama. They must degrade, devalue and abuse others. Pretty pathetic scumbags. Very childish. Get out of there. Gray rocking is great for shutting down long enough to gather and restore some energy when preparing for the exit, but it's not narc-proof. They up their game when you gray rock. You just have to stick with it. They're trying to provoke even harder because of frustration. They need us, we don't need them. Get rid of that useless pos and walk into a brand new peaceful life. It's beautiful.

Sep 12

I think @Kelly72 said it very well. Gray Rock cuts them off from getting supply (mood elevation) temporarily. In order to elevate mood there has to be a hormone secretion. In order to stimulate a hormone, there needs to be an emotion. The Narcissist does not experience the full range of emotions, but only a few. Mainly those found in the medulla or reptile portion of the brain. Freeze, Flight and Fight. To stimulate one of those emotions they need you to attack or simulate an attack. They come at you with a negative stimulus. Call you names, beat you down, yell at you, accuse you, anything to get you to go off at them. Those emotions stimulate the secretion of adrenaline and their mood elevates, causing their health to improve. However when you are expressing negative response, you secrete stress hormones and your health declines. Your health is literally destroyed over time. You'll read that the narc sucks the life out of you, that is one of the main ways they do it.

Gray rock temporarily cuts them off from getting mood elevation and so as @Kelly shared they increase the stimulus, yelling at you louder, more frequently, etc. Trying anything to get you to simulate an attack. The hope in gray rock is that they will move on and find someone else to try and stimulate.

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Sep 13

@kelly72 and @Ducktape Thanks very much for this information. This is very helpful. I am learning so much. Just went through another tirade this morning as I was trying to leave the house for work. This is so exhausting.


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