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Hey folks- Brand new here, any comments would be appreciated

Hey folks- Brand new here, any comments would be appreciated. Anyone deal with their partner Deflecting and being extremely sensitive to perceived criticism? It exhausted me emotionally. Arguments that would go round and round not resolving the issue that I had with her, with me having to hang the phone up to keep my head from exploding and her telling me later that she's the one who tries to talk/work things out, not me. This was a LDR.

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Mar 12

@locoleelu Welcome to SG!... I am truly sorry about your narcissistic relationship. We are glad that you had the strength and courage to reach out here. SG is a safe place to talk to genuinely caring and understanding people, without judgment. I am sure you’ll meet many great people here, and I hope you’ll find the support you’re seeking......

Mar 13

@locoleelu Nice to meet you too! I def had to 'dig deep' and figure out why I put up with what I did. I think it has everything to do with my relationship with my mom. She has very similar traits and a controlling spirit. It was very painful to reflect like I did, but was/is necessary for healing to take place and not experience that again. Not sure if you have done that, but reflect upon your relationship with whoever raised you, because that's what we come to expect and are used to. At least for myself and I think most people. Hope you are well!

Mar 17

@locoleelu How's everything going with You?


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