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Hello, I could really use a listening ear right now. I tryin

Hello, I could really use a listening ear right now. I trying to remain strong, but I just about to break. The man that I loved for over three years. Is a **** narcissist. I found this out 8 months ago when I found out I was pregnant. For three years I have shared my family history dealing with my narc mother, dealing with narc ex. He seem so sweet and confident and a empath. For the first time I felt protected and supported for once in my life. I have read and watched video about narcissism and he was there being understanding. Four months ago that mask fell with a huge thump. The discard, smear campaign throwing my weakness and the fact that my mother and family and exes only abuse me for supply. He made fun of the fact that he will not support me and the baby and laughed about it. I really just about to pull my hair out. Before I was pregnant I was in the middle of starting a business, working full time and taking care of two other children. I doing everything all by myself while 9 months pregnant. please respond

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Renee5's picture
Feb 17

Why would your mom do that?

MsAries34's picture
Feb 18

@Renee5 cause she is a narc. That's what most narc parents do, they isolate the scapegoat child by spreading lies to family members and friends . Now the scapegoat child is looked on by others as the cray , when it is really her. Most often narc mothers are jealous of their daughters . It's pretty common you can find books and youtube videos on the narc mothers and daughters.

Feb 19

Oh, the jealousy is mind-boggling. NX once said she couldn't have a daughter bc she'd feel envious. Just like her NM is...


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