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Hello, I am new to this. I am just going to dive right in.

Hello, I am new to this. I am just going to dive right in. I have been seeing a man for a year and a half. We fell in love, It was sparks from the beginning. I am in my 60's and I meant him on "first Met" dating site. I truly believed that God sent this man to me. I was attracted to his intelligence. He is 10 years younger, but that does not matter at our ages, I believe. I am not sure he is a narcissist, but there are things about his personality, that certainly point to that. It scares me. I am going to be seeing a psychologist on Thursday this week, because I myself am the type of person who a narcissist would chose, since I am giving and easily manipulated. I love this man, and he says every day he loves me. But he has never asked anything about me or seems interested in getting to know me better. That hurts. I do not understand how he love me without knowing anything about me. I never noticed until recently. There is so much I want to tell anyone who will listen! I need advice and help. I will keep this short for today. I joined this group because I need to find out if he is actually a narcissist. I read an article about there characteristics, and some of it applies to him, but not all of it. They is so much to tell. He took care of his mother, she had many health issues, he adored her, and that is a whole other issues I need to address as well. But my first concern is to find out if he is a true narcissist or just has some narcissistic tendencies. And just to throw this in the mix, I have low self-esteem and am a giver. So I can be easily manipulated. I am sorry, I am going on and on especially this being my first time on here. I hope you guys can help me with this. Thanks, Sally

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Sep 19

Thank you it is
I’m a little upset as it was my 60th birthday this weekend gone and my daughter didn’t even send me a card so he has well and truly got her disowned me totally

Sep 19

@ToughCookie99 What do you do if the narcissist has convinced my family and close friends what a piece of **** I am, I do not have anybody I can talk to, the cat and dog are the only ones that I think care, I am truly in a dark spot, I can’t get out of it, but unfortunately my son is involved in this AWFUL disfunctional mess!

Sep 30

So sorry for your situation. I am a giver / helper with low self-esteem also. Have been my whole life. Easily walked on and manipulated. It is challenging to have a relationship.

I will be praying for you!!


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