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Hello, beautiful souls. I'm reading about so many more impo

Hello, beautiful souls. I'm reading about so many more important issues here, but I'm curious about something so I'm going to ask. I read about narcs trying to isolate their victims from friends/family. But, do they ever disconnect you from mainstream tv? In my daughter's home, there is no local or national news. Just YouTube. Is that weird?

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Foundlove's picture
Mar 16

@pickone yes I agree narcissist cannot genuinely love others... they fantasize what they think they are in love with but not in reality... once they come off the clouds that’s when abuse kicks in. It stems from childhood no use in wasting anymore time with him... he’s just a waste of your life!

Mar 16

@Foundlove Yes, they live in a fantasy world removed from reality. But there is a fine line between their fantasy and reality. The self that the narcissist has disconnected from, is still often visible through the cracks in the fake mask or facade. They become enraged and abusive when they’re criticized, disagreed with, or hear a negative remark which they see as an attack. Negative remarks are the triggers that reveal glimpses of the rejected, despised self, causing a hostile reaction. It’s like attacking someone’s deep denial........

NowImNarcFree's picture
Mar 16

I think it's money-saving or a generational difference.. I've always used netflix, YouTube, and things like that. But I will say my narc was always controlling about what we watched. It was rare that I picked out a show or if we went to the movies, he'd pick the movie. it had to be something he liked.


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