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Having narcs as parents is worse thing was hat can happened

Having narcs as parents is worse thing was hat can happened to any human being , more painful is that both of my parents are narc , when we were children they took very few responsibilities we had to do all house chores Like an adult no birthdays no gifts .But now that they are old we have to be there for them all the time otherwise guilt trip will be endless.
Most of my siblings are selfish like them but i and my baby sister we are the one who end up with them because we care for them specially my mother. They been married for 55+ Yrs but always fighting i have never seen them happy then they make us to be the part of their fight , doesn’t want to care take each other at all .

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Feb 12

You mean acquaintances, not close friends, right?

Feb 14

May be you’re right they are just my acquaintances even though i have very close relationship but there are some discussions which are very taboo in our culture like narcissistic parents, divorce, depression etc. we don’t talk about any of those , just sweep under the rag.

Feb 14

That sucks. Gotta be some progressive ppl out there, though? Not saying it's easy, I'm pretty isolated myself: -/


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