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Has anyone got any ideas on how to get on with it when you m

Has anyone got any ideas on how to get on with it when you manage to escape a narc and fall in the hands of another ( not a relationship). I keep being told to get over it. I can't understand how you can live life around such toxicity. If it's not one thing it's another. They thrive on drama so the more attention they get the better for them. So how do you stand up for yourself. Is it best to just ignore and pretend like it's not happening? When I have tried to be assertive and stand up for myself it just seems to give them ammunition. They thrive on negative attention too! So therefore when you think I am going to give them a piece of my mind vocally they get worse! How is that possible? The more angry i get, the more i think about them ( and there right in my face!) the more supply they get. Yes i am human though and of course i am going to get angry. I know life isn't supposed to be fair but any ideas on how to not give them negative attention. How not to get angry. How to not give them supply. How to move on even though they have made me suffer so much since the lockdown. How to forgive but not forget? My eyes are more wide open now. I never understood why people were so closed and skeptical till I went through what a damage a human can cause to you. I love giving people a chance. I love being reasonable. I have self respect so I want to stand up for myself but with narc it just gives them ammunition to create drama and give you more challenge. Then the bar is raised and rather than you being a self respecting human they make you look like the one who is wrong. We all deserve to be treated well but whether we like it or not you will find yourself dealing with people who ( misery loves company) and if you have to deal with them then there must be a way to be the better one?! I spoke to them only to be laughed in my face. I was polite! When I tried to stand up for ourselves it got worse?! So? the way forward? much love x

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Jun 5

@Scat hahah yes. :) when Im free Im going to post here and help everyone as a thank you. I hope freedom happens.

Jun 8

Yea, what Foundlove said. If you’re into fighting then fight but I found it exhausting because narcs fight to win at any cost and they do not have rules of engagement. Even when they are fighting a losing battle they win (that statement doesn’t make sense but that’s the world they live in). Just tell the narc they are right and they are a big winner then find a way to slip out the back door.

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Jun 10

Michelle I have done what I consider a study of what bad people look like. Going forward I want to be able to protect myself. I have since kicked two new people out of my life because I could see things in their personalities I didn't like. You have to be able to recognize when you are being manipulated and lied to. People who lie and are jealous are not good people. If there is someone giving you grief, stay away from them.


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