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Had a video call viewing arranged and I really wanted to vie

Had a video call viewing arranged and I really wanted to view the place in person but got told a video call would be all I could have. Put up with so much crap with the person I was dealing with as I felt the place was very ideal and to be honest had decided that's where we wanted to move to get out of the place we are currently in! Really got my hopes up and person I dealt with seemed very difficult which is fine. We arranged the time for video call and they just dropped us at the last minute and removed the add. They didn't even have the respect to let us know. Bare in mind we were looking to go ahead, I thought it was very rude as we spent a lot of time going by what they wanted even though most of the time it didn't suit us. I am trying not to come across as desperate but the lack of sleep is killing me. I wonder how hard it is for someone to message you and say "sorry we need to cancel your viewing, rather than make us sit there ready for the viewing and they change their mind. I normally wouldn't mind but I really really need to leave where I am. Really challenging times. People are being very difficult in my opinion x

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Jun 30

So sorry this happened to you. Sounds like you had arranged the day to accommodate the viewing, and are really needing to leave where you are. Must be frustrating and crazy-making to have them not even let you know they were cancelling - left you up in the air. Plus not enough sleep can take a toll on emotions!


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